Support the Oloo Children Center

The Friends of Kibera Foundation wants the students of the Oloo Children Center to receive the best possible education. For their parents / guardians the costs for education are too high to pay for themselves.

The money we raise will be used to buy teaching materials and provide lunch for the children: they cannot learn with an empty stomach! For € 1.60 a student can eat for a month. In addition, the teachers will receive a payment for their work. 

Every contribution, small or large, is therefore welcome!



How can I contribute?

You can financially support the Oloo Children Center in two ways:

1. A one-time gift: you transfer this to our account NL53 RABO 0341 5064 19 stating Donation Friends of Kibera – [your name].
2. A periodic gift, on the basis of which you give the same amount every year for five years. We record this gift in an agreement. You can read how that works below.

We are currently classified by the tax authorities as an ANBI (Public Benefit Organization). This means every gift is tax deductible. For a one-time gift that is from a threshold amount. The threshold amount is 1% of your income, with a minimum of €60. For more information, see the website of the tax authorities.

How does a periodic gift work?

A periodic gift is fully deductible from the tax and that is easy to arrange. With periodic donations we can ensure continuity and therefore certainty for the school. How it works:

• You donate a fixed amount per year;
• The duration of the donation is at least five years; We record the gift in a gift agreement.
• All game rules can also be read on the website of the Tax Authorities.

Yes, I want to transfer a periodic gift
We would like to ask you to complete the gift agreement and then send it to our treasurer: We complete the required information and then send the form back to you.

About us

About us


The Oloo Children Centre is a primary school in Kibera, a large slum in Nairobi, Kenya. The school was founded by Judy Oloo. Together with 15 teachers she provides education to 370 children from Kibera. These are children between the ages of 3 and 14 years. In principle, education in Kenya is free, but in practice there are compulsory contributions for uniforms, meals and learning materials. That is still a threshold for many families. It is precisely this threshold that Judy tries to take away.

Judy Oloo has a few jobs to pay the costs as teaching materials and food for the children. The school also receives support from tourists who want to lend a hand to philanthropic projects in Kenya. If there is money left, the teachers receive compensation.

About the Foundation

The Friends of Kibera Foundation aims to support the Oloo Children’s Centre in Kibera, Nairobi, Kenya. We do this by making finances and knowledge, skills and contacts available to the school. The Foundation was established in 2019.

Chambre of Commerce: 
number 74000977
RSIN: 859738917

The Board

The board of the Foundation has three people:
1. Peter Doting – Chairman
2. Gerda Geerdink – Secretary
3. Willem Bens – Treasurer

Costs incurred by the board in the performance of the duties can be reimbursed; they receive no reward.

For more information or questions send an e-mail to: